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Using What You Already Have..

So this has been a season of learning how to play pedal steel guitar. Sometimes those lessons come on the "gig". In this case its a Sunday morning church service at Bethesda NW. As a music teacher, I find myself thinking .. if only I had a new amplifier, or another effects pedal, then I would be a good pedal steel player. No!! It takes practice, practice and practice. Its one thing to sit in your music room at home and play, but its quite another to set everything up. Including IEM, effects, extra electric guitar and no music!! Yes ... no music stand here. But it helps that I have a strong music theory background and I know how to "listen" and play to the music. Music lessons is much more than just sliding a tone bar up and down the neck of a pedal steel. Its choosing which notes to play and bend, that serve the song. I believe that learning how to play pedal steel has made me a better musician. Plus, it helps to play with amazing singers and musicians who encourage and support me. No matter how young or old ... take music lessons to get better at what you want to do in life.


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