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"Steve Hotra is one of the most amazing and talented people I’ve ever met. His exceptional musical talent is paired with an incredible ability to mentor others into the best version of themselves. He truly has a servant spirit. He lives to give life and learning and bring out the major chords and major strengths in others."


Sam McKee
Life Coach serving Bibi McGill (Beyoncé’s guitarist) and other difference makers.

"As a beginning guitar player, my lessons with Steve have been extremely beneficial !
He listens to my questions and then applies his experience and knowledge to make me a better player. He is great at simplifying some of the difficult concepts in guitar and making them fit my level of ability. Plus he’s a great player and fun to watch as well!"


Don L

"Steve Hotra is an absolutely amazing not only teacher but man. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to learn from such a patient open teacher. Not only being new to the banjo but to faith I have truly enjoyed learning and growing while doing life. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone."


- Jena M

"I've been an aspiring guitarist for a bit over a year. Although Ive come a long ways, I just couldn’t get over certain hurdles. Im happy to have found Steve. In just a short time Ive overcome some of my hurdles. Im excited to continue my lessons so I can rock out (-:"

- Jason D

"The reason I met Steve is because I had sent out a “help” letter to many of the larger churches in my area. I was leading worship for a small congregation and I really needed some help and guidance. Out of all of the churches that I sent the request to, Steve was the only one that responded. His desire to help anyone, in any way that he could, was immediately obvious. He took me under his wing and helped to show me many different facets of the worship ministry that I was not previously aware of; everything from the basics of CCLI to the intricacies of different guitar strumming techniques. He really is a master at his craft. I know that it doesn’t really matter how good I become, because there will always be more levels of complexity that he can show me. He is a good teacher, and over the years he has become a trusted friend. I will recommend him to anyone."


- Mac McIntosh

"Steve Hotra produces music and musicians with heart and creativity. Even though I have been immersed in music and performance all my life, I didn’t consider myself to be a musician. Lessons with Steve provided a safe and comfortable place to nurture the musician in me. He is a sincere and inspiring instructor who has helped me truly enjoy music and stay motivated while fine tuning my skills. His insights and experience were crucial in helping me develop my career as a music instructor. Anyone, from the beginner who is curious about playing an instrument to the seasoned performer, would benefit and gain a wealth of wisdom from Steve."


- Gillian S

"I came to Steve after a long break from playing guitar. My timing was very rusty and I had an entire new repertoire of songs to learn. My goal to be stage ready in a few months was ambitious, and Steve helped me to prioritize and focus so that I could make the most of my time with him, and in my own practice sessions. I don’t consider him “just” a great guitar teacher — he’s that, but so much more. From stage presence, to sound, to dynamics and voice, he’s been able to mentor me in far more than the practical skills of playing. As an experienced worship team leader and music pastor, he’s brings a passion for teaching and training the next generation of worship leaders. It’s rare to find a teacher that has a true heart for their students. I consider myself truly fortunate to have met Steve, and play music alongside him."

- Lauren D

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